Lyra is an outgoing, sassy girl who lives in a world just like ours, but with differences.


Lyra doesn't know this until Lord Faa tells her, but her mother is Marisa Coulter, wife of Edward Coulter, and her father is Lord Asriel, who she thought to be her uncle. Until then, she thinks her parents died in an airplane crash. Marisa cheated on her husband with Lord Asriel, but didn't want to take care of her baby herself. Lyra then was given to a gyptian, Ma Costa, who protected her. When Edward Coulter found out, he fought Lord Asriel, but died in the battle. Lord Asriel didn't got send to prison, but instead was undone of his fortune and land. Lyra, as was decided, was brought to grow up in an all-girls school, but Lord Asriel took her away from there and placed her at Jordan College, one of the best schools of the world, in Oxford. No one protested against this. Her life at Jordan was happy and childish. With her best friend Roger, who works in the kitchens, and a lot of other children, she likes to fight the enemies, like the gyptians or children from another school, with mud-throwing or even stealing a boat. She plays on the roofs of and eventually under the school, doesn't always do what she's told and does whatever she wants, whenever she wants. Until the day she secretly went into the dining room, where she saw the head of Jordan pouring poison into her fathers drink.


Pantalaimon is Lyra's deamon, a physical representation of someone's soul. Pan, as Lyra often calls him, is male and can still change his shape, just like every kid's deamon. Lyra doesn't want Pan to have only one shape for the rest of their lives, like the deamon's of grown-ups. Some of Pan's favorite shapes are: Ermine (white) Bird (when on the roofs) Owl

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